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The special challenge of Normal Care is to create a friendly, personal and homely atmosphere for patients in which they feel comfortable, are not constantly reminded of their illness and where they have a feeling of privacy despite all the nursing care taking place around them. At the same time the care and cleaning staff need a working environment in which every movement counts, technical and nursing aids are quickly accessible and hygienic safety is assured.

High-quality materials and surfaces, innovative lighting concepts, modern design elements and a free choice of image motifs for young and old patients make our medical products for Normal Care into sophisticated pieces of furniture reminiscent of home. Technology remains in the background – but without the loss of any ergonomics.

“feel at home” – Simply beautiful for both patients and staff

With its decorative design elements, warm colours and high-quality materials and surfaces, which are normally only to be found at home, the “feel at home” product range brings a few home comforts into every hospital and care room, whether in a normal nursing day, in elective service rooms with a specific comfort standard or in special care areas such as children‘s care. All “feel at home” products have been designed to maximise the patient‘s feeling of being at home whilst at the same time creating ergonomic working conditions for staff. And what‘s more, nursing staff also feel better in their daily work in the attractive “feel at home” environment than in a sterile hospital atmosphere.

“modul classic” – The functional classics from modul technik

Do you view functional modular systems with many diverse combinations as being important for your patient care? Then in that case “modul classic” should be your first choice.

Although designed according to the creed of “form follows function” you do not have to forego your individual design tastes, if at issue for instance is the colour of the powder-coated housing. Many smart details have also been incorporated to make the staff‘s work easier. The many design variants for single and multi-bed supply enable a high degree of design freedom.

Our product groups in normal care

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