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Application area: Normal care
Product group: Single bed lights

Succinct design, warm radiation

A luminaire without edges and corners, yet clear and noticeable: the lighting technology of the belia single-bed luminaire is incorporated within a particularly flowing design that satisfies requirements for more homeliness in care environments. The rounded forms appear warm and friendly and uniform curves provide peace of mind for the observer. And the form underlines the function: thanks to the distinct subdivision of the luminaire into two levels for indirect and direct light, a clear visual classification is assured. And with materials and colours, highest priority was given to an attractive, clean appearance. High-quality aluminium, powder-coated with a uniform colour (metallic grey) underlines belia’s elegant character.

„The design of an aeroplane wing, streamlined and with all components arranged in a compact way, was the inspiration for a completely new type of single-bed luminaire. This created the basis for optimum integration of unique direct-lighting technology. Its clean, elegant character with rounded corners gives belia an appealing, patient-friendly appearance.”

Room lighting
belia really creates lighting conditions for well-being. The room is fed with indirect light right into its corners, and longitudinal prisms within the diffuser are a clever detail with great effect. They restrict a direct view into the luminaire and instead create a feeling of well-being with optimum light distribution.

Examination lighting
Thanks to the interplay of room lighting and direct light, belia assures precise and focused examination lighting, thus guaranteeing doctors and care personnel good working conditions.

Reading light
When people must spend most of their time in bed, a high- quality, gentle light relieves the burden of a hospital stay and promotes recovery. belia provides a reading light for patients that conforms with relevant standards, disturbing neither the patients nor their neighbours and is always available within reach, independent of room lighting.

Night/orientation lighting
The night lighting integrated within the luminaire body gently penetrates the darkness. For this purpose, belia accommodates an LED solution with indirect light distribution.

Room lighting, reading light and examination lighting are available both as contemporary LED solution and with conventional light sources.

Compatible and extremely contact-friendly – optional supply elements for belia

belia has, at least on the outside, the dimensions of a classical single-bed luminaire and yet at a length of 580 mm offers space for several supply components. The infeed of these occurs centrally on the rear side.

For medical purposes, belia is simply linked up to a medical supply unit such as IV 1054, MEV 8000 or comfort. The result is an attractive supply solution that provides both energy, communications and data systems as well as medical gases.

Assembly & cleaning


The medical supply units and single-bed lighting fixtures can be installed and mounted on solid or plasterboard construction walls. Customer provided substructure is required for plasterboard walls. Project-specific substructures are used for ceiling-mounted supply units.


Our products can be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents and disinfected with alcohol-free disinfectants.

Surfaces are protected by high-quality electrostatic powder coating. Non-coated parts are made of anodized aluminium or chrome-nickel steel. All plastic parts are resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.


Our comprehensive range of accessories means you can set up your work area exactly as you want it. Consult our Accessories Catalogue to find out about the wide range of options available to you.

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