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moduflex 2500

Application area: Intensive care
Product group: Beam systems

Everything you need comes from above

The ceiling-suspended moduflex 2500 supply system has been specifically developed for intensive care requirements. Because all media and apparatus attachments are fed from above, it enables optimum freedom of movement and perfect floor hygiene at the patient place.

Media are fed through ceiling columns which have a rear inspection opening. The tapping points for high and low voltage current, medical gases and other media are installed in the ceiling bars. The patient place is connected via the GW 2500 and IW 2500 apparatus carrier systems. Maintenance costs are also minimised through the rigid tubing up to the tapping points for medical gases.

We offer a wide equipment and accessory programme to match moduflex 2500 which allows the design of the entire work area to be customised. This includes catheter baskets, various examination lights, extension arms and drawers.

The system is also equipped with a lighting solution for indirect room lighting and a reading light.

GW 2500

The GW 2500 apparatus trolley is used as a carrier system for moduflex 2500 and the OP 3800 media bridge. Medical apparatus can be freely positioned along the height-adjustable consoles. The trolley is continuously braked by a manual friction brake.

IW 2500

The IW 2500 infusion trolley is the slim brother to the GW 2500 and incorporates all necessary equipment and accessories for infusion supplies.

Technical data

Equipment features
high-voltage technology
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Electric specifications
Nominal voltage: 230 V - 240 V / 50 Hz - continuous operation
Protection class: I
Protection type: IP 20

Equipment features
lighting technology
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Lighting technology
Nominal voltage: 230 V - 240 V / 50 Hz
Protection class: I
Connection type: Plug connection
Connection cross-section: 1.5mm² max.
Protection type: IP 20

Reading light (LED): Output ≙ 23 W
Reading light (T5 fluorescent tubes): Output ≙ 24 W / 2 x 24 W
Indirect lighting (LED): Output ≙ 64 W
Indirect lighting (T5 fluorescent tubes): Output ≙ 2 x 54 W
Night light (LED): Output ≙ 4.3 W

Equipment features
medical gas technology
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Operating pressure of medical gas technology
Oxygen: 5 bar
Compressed air: 5 bar
Vacuum: - 0,8 bar
CO2: 5 bar
AGSS: 5 bar

General information
Media current feed: From the top in the support columns
Additional load per apparatus trolley: Max. 120 kg
Optional light control: DALI DIM
Optional indirect RGB lighting: Output ≙ 3 x 39 W

Assembly, cleaning, maintenance and repair


The medical supply units and single-bed lighting fixtures can be installed and mounted on solid or plasterboard construction walls. Customer provided substructure is required for plasterboard walls. Project-specific substructures are used for ceiling-mounted supply units.


Our products can be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents and disinfected with alcohol-free disinfectants.

Surfaces are protected by high-quality electrostatic powder coating. Non-coated parts are made of anodized aluminium or chrome-nickel steel. All plastic parts are resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Maintenance and repair

The system must be maintained for the first time after 5 years and then after every 2 years. A contractual service agreement can be concluded for the maintenance work if required. More information can be found in the respective operating instructions.


Our comprehensive range of accessories means you can set up your work area exactly as you want it. Consult our Accessories Catalogue to find out about the wide range of options available to you.

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