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Application area: Normal care
Product group: Single bed lights

Modern lighting culture

curea uses innovative waveguide technology for direction of light and harnesses it to provide a new lighting culture in ho­s­p­itals and healthcare settings. curea features aesthetic, contemporary design and ensures a pleasant room atmosphere, glare-free lighting and also mini­mises reflections on display screens of diagnostic equipment and other technical medical apparatus. curea harmoniously complements horizontally and verti­cally installed medical supply sy­­­­­s­tems building them into attractive supply solutions. curea also boasts every feature needed for perfect bedside lighting when looking after the elderly: the soft light produced by waveguide technology is gentle on both care personnel’s and patients’ eyes, and curea’s plain language of form helps achieve a calm, discreet room impression.

Waveguide technology is based on a light guide made of acrylic glass with an applied microprismatic structure, and ensures se­lecti­ve direction of light. It produces largely low-glare light and pleasant and uniform room lighting. Direct viewing of the light source is prevented and annoying reflections on smooth surfaces and LCD screens are minimised.

curea exploits the properties of the special SLC® linear wave­guide which tapers outwards. The light is coupled into the tapering SLC® waveguide. Inside the linear waveguide the light is di­rected downwards via a combination of precisely arrang­ed linear prisms on the rounded upper side and microprisms on the underside.

curea lighting

Assembly & cleaning


The medical supply units and single-bed lighting fixtures can be installed and mounted on solid or plasterboard construction walls. Customer provided substructure is required for plasterboard walls. Project-specific substructures are used for ceiling-mounted supply units.


Our products can be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents and disinfected with alcohol-free disinfectants.

Surfaces are protected by high-quality electrostatic powder coating. Non-coated parts are made of anodized aluminium or chrome-nickel steel. All plastic parts are resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.


Our comprehensive range of accessories means you can set up your work area exactly as you want it. Consult our Accessories Catalogue to find out about the wide range of options available to you.

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