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Application area: Operating rooms
Product group: Monitor carrier systems

The brand new pendant system

VALIA is the newest pendant system for positioning medical devices on ORs, ICUs and at the Point of Care and defines a new  market standard.

VALiA is focused on maximum flexibility, which all participants profit from, the purchaser as well as the end user.

The flexible, modular construction principle ensures a rapid availability of VALiA systems and make last-minute on-site changes possible.

The outstanding movement performance delivers highest flexibility during daily use in hospitals.

Similarly versatile are the integrated safety features, which guarantee a safe work with VALiA at any time – from the manufacturing up to the maintaining process.

The innovative manufacturing principle

VALiA is a flexible, modular-based system with shorter lead times, which means you no-longer have to fear last-minute, on-site changes. VALiA allows you to quickly react to unpredictable project changes with the right solution at the right time.

Revolutionary innovation in spring arm technology is the major advantage of the brand new VALiA products. Before VALiA, multiple spring arm payload ranges were needed to cover the wide variety of medical equipment hanging from the ceiling. Now, VALiA covers that same range of equipment with a single spring arm, which means an equipment change at the last minute will be a breeze.

From an inventory management perspective, VALiA Flex minimizes the number of spring arm variations. The end results are less inventory and a more straightforward ordering process.

Assembly, cleaning, maintenance and repair


The medical supply units and single-bed lighting fixtures can be installed and mounted on solid or plasterboard construction walls. Customer provided substructure is required for plasterboard walls. Project-specific substructures are used for ceiling-mounted supply units.


Our products can be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents and disinfected with alcohol-free disinfectants.

Surfaces are protected by high-quality electrostatic powder coating. Non-coated parts are made of anodized aluminium or chrome-nickel steel. All plastic parts are resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Maintenance and repair

The system must be maintained for the first time after 5 years and then after every 2 years. A contractual service agreement can be concluded for the maintenance work if required. More information can be found in the respective operating instructions.


Our comprehensive range of accessories means you can set up your work area exactly as you want it. Consult our Accessories Catalogue to find out about the wide range of options available to you.

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