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MEV junior

Application area: Normal care
Product group: Wall supply units (decorative)

Big adventure for little patients!

Tim is dreaming in the Formula 1 Room of being a racing driver, Helene likes her fairy room, Anton slumbers blissfully amongst jungle animals and Johanna would like to have just such a fantastic horse picture at home – with MEV junior, nursing rooms in children‘s wards are instantly transformed into colourful and child-friendly worlds of adventure.

As with the MEV 8000, all the medical technology is concealed laterally behind an individually designed wall panel which is however always accessible. But on its front, children‘s wishes come true. Whether they are standard children‘s motifs from our wide selection or self-selected photos and graphics, we make everything possible. And because the image motifs can be easily exchanged, you can adapt the room design from time to time to the changing spirit of the times.

Indirect and reading lighting can be set up by attaching lighting elements to the front. The connectivity options of the supply unit is your decision. The wide range of accessories, such as the two-sided fold-out carrying systems or front support rails, make the MEV junior a good all-rounder for all nursing care situations.

Standard decors

Standard-Dekore MEV junior

Technical data

Equipment features
high-voltage technology
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Electric specifications
Nominal voltage: 230 V - 240 V / 50 Hz - continuous operation
Protection class: I
Protection type: IP 20

Equipment features
lighting technology
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Lighting technology LED downlight (optional)
Nominal voltage: 95 V – 260 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Protection class: II
Operating type: electronic converter (1-3,6 W)
Lamp output: 1 W
Protection type: IP 20

Equipment features
medical gas technology
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Operating pressure of medical gas technology
Oxygen: 5 bar
Compressed air: 5 bar
Vacuum: - 0,8 bar

General information
Media current feed: Rear or from top
Décors: HPL-laminate or melamine resin coating
Optional support tubes: Side-mounted, swivel
Optional patient lamp Front-mounted
Additional load: Max. 80 kg

Standard design

Equipment features
high-voltage technology
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High-voltage current technology
8 mains sockets, brand Peha (COMPACTA)
8 potential equalisation sockets (POAG)

Equipment features
communications technology
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Communications technology
1 data socket, RJ 45, 2 pcs, brand Peha (COMPACTA)
2 hollow wall sockets, Ø 68mm (e.g. for nurse call button)

Equipment features
medical gas technology
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Medical gas technology
1 gas tapping point oxygen (O²), brand modul
1 gas tapping point compressed air (Air), brand modul
1 gas tapping point vacuum (Vac), brand modul

General information
Rear feed
Dimensions (W x H x D): 600 mm x 1700 mm x 150 mm
Décor: Children‘s décor from standard range (digital printing)

Assembly, cleaning, maintenance and repair


The medical supply units and single-bed lighting fixtures can be installed and mounted on solid or plasterboard construction walls. Customer provided substructure is required for plasterboard walls. Project-specific substructures are used for ceiling-mounted supply units.


Our products can be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents and disinfected with alcohol-free disinfectants.

Surfaces are protected by high-quality electrostatic powder coating. Non-coated parts are made of anodized aluminium or chrome-nickel steel. All plastic parts are resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Maintenance and repair

The system must be maintained for the first time after 5 years and then after every 2 years. A contractual service agreement can be concluded for the maintenance work if required. More information can be found in the respective operating instructions.


Our comprehensive range of accessories means you can set up your work area exactly as you want it. Consult our Accessories Catalogue to find out about the wide range of options available to you.

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