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Light is absolutely essential in nature. It ensures growth, diversity and beauty. For us humans, light is the most natural life supporting element in the world. It determines our whole existence by influencing im­portant hormonal and metabolic processes and constantly resynchronising our inner clock.


Our inner clock must be resynchronised by biologically effective light such as daylight or artificial lighting which is similar to daylight every day. In the event of a lack of exposure to this light which keeps our ­inner clock in synch, or if our rhythm is negatively influenced by continuous lighting, we demonstrably begin to suffer from restlessness, sleep ­disorders or depression. Especially intensive care patients and patients with dementia often lack a day/night rhythm.


Whenever there is a lack of natural daylight, the VTL light management system from modul technik and Derungs supplies patients with the light they need. It simulates daylight conditions from dusk until dawn and at night time. A special adjustment of the light colour and level of illumination caters for vitalisation in the morning and supports resting periods and sleep phases. The combination of biodynamic light and medical care is a logical improvement towards an ideal environment for both patients and nursing staff.


Scientific studies suggest a strong link between biologically effective artificial lighting and wellbeing. Structuring the day not only improves the wellness of patients. It simultaneously relieves the burden on nursing staff and motivates them. VTL is an important building block for a holistic care concept which offers long-term financial benefits through energy efficiency, nursing efficiency and image enhancement.

Many psychological or physical influences a patient is exposed to have a negative effect on sleeping behaviour and the required synchronisation of the body, which is essential for a healthy sleep. Healthy sleep phases effectively support healing processes and make a significant contribution to patients‘ recovery. Delirium, stress and the experience of pain in patients can be positively influenced, which supports the overall recovery process.

Visual Timing Light in patient care is the consistent development of decades of experience with Derungs VTL in senior care.

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Cold tone light is stimmulating and acivating, while warm tone light is relaxing and supports resting periods.

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