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General equipment features


The medical supply unit can be equipped with both earthed sockets (230 V/16 A with control light) and with CEE sockets (230 V/16 A 3 pole or 400 V/16 A 5-pole). The brand, number and electric circuit types of the installation elements and the voltage type of the supply voltage are specified depending on the project. Potential equalisation sockets can also be specified in accordance with the number of sockets.

As a preference PEHA COMPACTA safety sockets are installed.

Custom installation of additional elements is also possible. The electrical connecting terminal block is factory-installed and wired to the electrical equipment.


The medical supply unit is connected to the on-site medical gas supply at the central feed-in point. Current is usually supplied to the media either laterally, at the back or from the top directly into the respective media-specific channels or ceiling columns. The copper pipes installed inside the supply unit meet the quality requirements for medical gases according to DIN EN ISO 7396-1.

If required, the system is delivered ready for use with integrated tapping points according to DIN EN ISO 9170-1 and DIN EN ISO 9170-2. Market-available brands such as DRÄGER, GREGGERSEN, HEYER, MEDAP or other country-specific brands can be installed. Based on the specific project, the specialist planners will decide whether single or dual-circuit systems are to be used.


The connection sockets for monitors and patient monitoring devices are usually provided by the operator. In other cases we can arrange for delivery in consultation with the planners. Whereas specialist companies connect the monitor systems, we of course install all connector systems, sockets and IT inputs in accordance with manufacturer specifications. This is the best possible preparation for a fast and smooth apparatus connection after the installation of the supply unit.


There are many different lighting technology options available for the optimum lighting of the workplace and for the patient environment.

These include lamps for indirect general lighting, reading and examination lighting and lamps to provide lighting orientation. All technical data and lighting options can be found in the table on the respective product page.

Lighting modules meet the standards listed in DIN 5035 “Interior room lighting by artificial light” - Part 3, lighting in hospitals and in DIN EN ISO 11197. The lighting modules used in 2E user group rooms are generally equipped with low-stray field ballasts and are subjected to an EMC test.

Furthermore, many units can also be equipped with the bio-dynamically effective Visual Timing Light. More information on this can be found in the next chapter.

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